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    Sunday, July 31, 2005
    Dave Matthews Band on Randalls Island
    It may have been dusty, and I may still be picking dirt out of my teeth, but wow what a show. It was completely worth the $6 beers, the dirt field, the disgusting porta-potties, and the thousands of people that flooded the busses and subways.

    The day started out a little more than chaotic. Though the MTA had assured everyone that the system would be ready for the onslaught that the concert was going to unleash upon it, it seemed off to a rocky start. The crowds at the subway stop at 125th Street at around 3pm were completely chaotic. There was no real organization to be seen and hundreds of people on the streets. Somehow we made our way onto one of the busses and were transported over to the Island where things got much more streamlined.

    After being corralled through three different checkpoints we entered what can be described as nothing other than a dustbowl. Vendors lined each side of the field, seeling everything from “cheese steaks” (I put that in quotations because really it was lukewarm meat, sliced American cheese that was nowhere near melted, and huge pieces of onions) to pizza to beer to wine. But with the dry couple days we’ve had and the thousands of people milling around the dust being kicked up created a sort of brown haze. And made for some VERY dirty feet, among other things.

    We caught the last few songs the Jem played. They were pretty good though to be honest I wasn’t paying a ton of attention. After that we just kind of hung out in the shade for a few hours trying desperately to stay as cool as possible. BNL came on somewhere around 6:30 and played a pretty good set. I’d seen them three times up in Boston when I lived up there, and they’re always fun to see in concert. Who can’t love a bunch of goofy Canadians?

    And then the real show began. And it was one of the better shows I’ve seen in a while. I was half expecting DMB to play their entire new album. Many of their recent set lists had consisted of little else. But this one was a doozy, and I knew it would be from the minute they opened up with #41.

    Here’s the full list:

    Saturday Jul 30 2005
    Randall's Island

    One Sweet World
    Dream Girl
    Don’t Drink the Water
    Time Of The Season
    Hunger For The Great Light
    You Might Die Trying
    Jimi Thing
    Tripping Billies
    Steady As We Go
    American Baby Intro
    American Baby
    Dancing Nancies
    Louisiana Bayou

    The encore consisted of Old Dirt Hill and What You Are. I thought that was a bit of an anticlimactic choice considering the fantastic set they had just played. But by God was that show a lot of fun. One Sweet World was probably the highlight for me, though Warehouse comes in a close second. Being on the short side I couldn’t really see the stage, but just being there, feeling the energy of the music and the crowd. It was absolutely wonderful.

    And well worth the dirt tan I acquired.
    posted by FINY @ Sunday, July 31, 2005   2 comments
    Saturday, July 30, 2005
    Here We Go Again
    In the days and weeks that have recently passed I have mentioned that I have been woefully out of the baseball loop. And it couldn't have come at a worse time.

    By 4pm tomorrow, the trade deadline will be upon us, and with it could come an entirely new look for the Sox. I doubt it, but it's possible. With it could also come the departure of Manny Ramirez. And suddenly I am having flashbacks to the A-Rod deal, the Nomar trade, and a thousand other moves that both happened and didn't happen.

    I hate this time of year.

    While certain people revel in the excitement, debate the merits of various trades, I've always been one to sit back and get silently fumed at all the people running around acting like they know something. When it comes down to it, those of us not in the front-offices of any MLB team today and tomorrow, know nothing about what's going on up there. We can theorize, sure. We can debate fake trades that may or may not happen, but it is simply impossible for me to really get into any of the debates unless it's actually a "done deal" (though that term doesn't even mean much anymore).

    So today while I am at the Dave Matthews Band concert on Randall's Island, and tomorrow while I help my new roomie paint her room, I'll be turning off my cell phone. I won't listen to the radio. I won't read the papers.

    I'll deal with it all on Monday. Welcome to Trade Deadline Weekend everyone. Try not to have any heart attacks.
    posted by FINY @ Saturday, July 30, 2005   5 comments
    Thursday, July 28, 2005
    I'm baaaacccckkkkkk
    Ok, ok, I know I have been gone for a long time. But there were some legitimate reasons I swear.

    So I was almost fired from my job last week. Long story. I don't think I'm losing it anymore, but it was quite scary there for a while.

    Plus I have been trying to interview people for the two vacant rooms in my apartment.

    PLUS I didn't have internet at home.

    However, now I think my job is safe at least for the moment. I have one of the two rooms filled and hopefully the second will be filled tomorrow, and I have now successfully installed a wireless card in my computer and am now happily stealing internet from one of my neighbors. So watch out, there'll be more FINY updates to come!

    (I know I know, you've been lost without me. It's ok to admit it, really. :) )
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 28, 2005   10 comments
    Wednesday, July 20, 2005
    Sweatin' My Sox Hat
    My Sox hat is an extension of myself. This sounds dumb, but it is. The one I currently sport is the traditional blue Franchise hat (because while the fitted wool ones look great they get SO warm during the summer). This damn thing has been with me through a LOT. Raining outdoor concerts, kayaking and swimming in the Dominican, parties, beach visits, you name it. It's had beer thrown on it, it's been stepped on, it's been fully submerged in the ocean.

    And yet it still had that relatively new look to it (just check out my profile pic for proof). I mean, it fit my head perfectly, and in certain places it was a bit off-color, but even after a year and a half this thing had yet to fade to the dull gray that marks a well loved baseball cap. That all changed last night.

    Immediately upon getting home from the office I slapped on my mesh shorts, a crappy tank top, flip flops, and, of course, my Sox hat. I was on my way to help MM paint her new studio before Moving Day (today). Now, those of you in the NYC area know that last night was beyond hot. It was somewhere around 90 degrees, 95 percent humidity, and there were the four of us, in a tiny room, with no fan or AC, applying two coats of paint in a matter of only hours. I think I lost ten pounds in sweat.

    What I noticed when I got home? No, I hadn’t gotten any paint on my beloved hat (though my shorts and tank top did not survive that fate) what I had done is doused the entire thing in the foulest smelling sweat I’d emitted since the last time I played competitive softball in college. This thing was NASTY. And I loved it. AS it dried it sort of flopped in on itself, splotches of different colors appearing all over it.

    Who knew it would take a night of painting a NYC studio to “break in” a hat that had been slammed to the ground and stomped on after Game 7 in 2003, that had been sprayed with Tim Wakefield’s beer after Game 3 of the 2004 ALDS, that had been worn, religiously, every day of this years playoffs. That’s been to Yankee Stadium more times than some Yankees caps. Maybe the damn thing finally realized we had won the series and it could let loose a little :)
    posted by FINY @ Wednesday, July 20, 2005   15 comments
    God, I miss you guys! I haven't been able to check in that often. I almost lost my job on Monday (a long story I'd rather not retell, but my working life right now is looking none too good) I have exactly ten days to find two roommates, and in general life is just a bit stressfull. I thought I was slacking on the socks before? By the end of the month I probably won't even recognize the team anymore with the trade deadline looming!

    On the plus side, my birthday is a week from today and we're all getting together Saturday to celebrate. I went on two great dates with The Twin last weekend, and Missy comes to visit this weekend! So here's to hoping things calm down soon so I can start to enjoy a bit of the summer.
    posted by FINY @ Wednesday, July 20, 2005   4 comments
    Monday, July 18, 2005
    GUEST POST: The Yankee Visits McCoy
    This is a guest post from my friend, The Yankee (so named as he is a North East boy living in the south ... did you really think I would let a Yankee fan post on my blog?!). I'm pretty busy, so I thought now would be a great time to post this baby up. Enjoy!

    The Yankee Visits McCoy

    So I went home for the 4th of July this year. While I was home, my father took me to a Pawsox game. I haven’t been to a baseball game in over 15 years. It’s not that I’m not a fan, but it’s just something my lifestyle usually doesn’t permit. FINY’ll back me up here.

    We arrive at McCoy and I am immediately disappointed. The park had always had a rough look; a look that gave off a historic vibe. Apparently, they didn’t like it and re-modeled the fucker at some point. But I’ll get more into that later.

    As we’re standing in line, some of the excitement comes back. People all around are wearing Red Sox apparel and little kids are holding their gloves with hopes of catching foul balls (and with the re-modeling, home runs as well). Everyone was talking to everyone else about how long they’d been coming to the park, the season so far, Schilling pitching at McCoy on Monday, etc., when I notice a cute blonde looking at me. She obviously worked at the stadium. I smile at her, and she walks over. Nice!

    Blonde: “Hi.”
    Me: “Hi.”
    Blonde: “What are you doing?”

    This is an odd question since it’s fairly obvious.

    Me: “Err…I’m just waiting to go see the game.”
    Blonde: “You need to put that cigarette out.”
    Me: “Wha…what?”
    Blonde: “You can’t smoke here.”

    Now I’m pissed. I thought she was digging on me, but she just wanted to be P.C.

    Me: “Um..I’m outside. AND I’m outside the park.”
    Blonde: “Sir, if you want to smoke, you need to do it over there.”
    [she points to an area across the parking lot with a sign “Designated Smoking Area”]

    What the fuck? Not only am I now not able to smoke OUTDOORS but this little prissy bitch called me “sir”.

    Me: “Okay, MA’AM.”

    So I put the cigarette out and she walks away. I didn’t want to do her anyway. All I want is to get my seat, get a beer, and see the game.

    The gates open and it looks like the start of a marathon. People are running everywhere trying to get the best seats. We choose ours by right field. We save our seats by putting our shit down and go to locate the nearest beer stand. On our way, a Dixieland Quartet is playing a New Orleans version of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. Awesome.

    At the beer stand, my father gives the vendor a brief history of the years he has come to McCoy. This is what YankeeDad does. I’m sure if he had had pictures of him at McCoy, he would’ve taken them out and shown them to this guy. I’m just glad to get a beer.

    When I threw the empty bottle away a few minutes later, I realized I just had my first ballpark beer with my dad, at a Pawsox game. I think that’s kind of cool.

    I get another beer and convince my father to walk up the old spiral entrance with me. Those of you that have been to McCoy know the one I’m talking about. As we’re walking up, I see the drawings on the side marking the baseball greats that have played for the team. I remember, as a kid, seeing Wade Boggs play at McCoy. I also remember Sam Horn getting into a fight at McCoy when he played for the Sox. And of course, there are the paintings of them.

    My father goes to check on our seats and I sneak back to the beer guy. I meet my father downstairs at the gift shop. It is HERE, FINY fans, that I want you all to pay attention.

    As I’m looking around the shop, picking out things for the Sox fans back in NC, I glance behind the register. I see four kinds of hats on the wall. Boston hats, Pawtucket hats (normal), new Pawtucket hats (the Pawsox just got a mascot. I think it’s pretty gay for any professional team to have a mascot, but that’s just me.), and at the far end of the wall, New York Yankees hats!

    What the fuck?!?!?! Are you fucking serious??? This gift shop is a disgrace to the Red Sox Nation! With 3 beers into the trip and nothing to eat, I am NOT about to let this go. My father is off in some other part of the store, or outside or something. Good. I don’t care about myself but I don’t want to embarrass him. I stop the nearest person that looks like they work there.

    Me: “Excuse me.”
    Girl: “Yes sir?”

    Fucking “sir” again.

    Me: “I was wondering if you could tell me why, and how, you sell Yankees hats at a Red Sox affiliated ball park?”
    Girl [grinning]: “I don’t know. Whatever sells, right?”

    I had a huge urge to smack her.

    Me: “Don’t you think that’s like selling Nazi apparel at a barmitzfah?”
    Girl: “Sir, I’m Jewish.”
    Me [confused]: “Ok. Nice to meet you I’m a Sox fan.”

    She walks away. I see her telling a co-worker about our conversation. I decide to let my father buy the things I need.

    Back in the seats, and an hour later, the game started. They played the Charlotte Knights. I found this ironic since I was on vacation from NC. Both teams played like ass. The game was boring. Everyone around me was bored. The crowd did “the wave”. I ate ice cream out of a miniature helmet. The Sox lost. The crowd DID liven up when after the game they showed the Bosox game on the big screen. We watched the fireworks (the next night, the fireworks shot into the crowd.). And went home.
    posted by FINY @ Monday, July 18, 2005   6 comments
    Friday, July 15, 2005
    God Save the Sox
    He couldn't Help you this time, Curt. But don't worry, I don't actually blame you at all. No, I blame Francona for this one one hundred percent.

    It's no secret to those of you who know me that I have never had faith in Terry Francona's use of the bullpen. He redeemed himself last year during the playoff run, but he has proven all through last years regular season and through this one as well, that he just doesn't know who to call in when.

    Last night was the perfect example. It started when Alan Embree came in to start the 8th facing Posada. Why Francona did this I'll really never know. So far this year Posada is batting .301 vs. lefties and . 238 vs. righties. So wouldn't it then make sense to have Timlin start that inning? Never mind the fact that Embree's been serving up meatballs all season? When are we going to stop using this guy?

    And then there was the situation in the ninth. Now, it's always been my understanding that a closers role is to come in and save the game. With a tie score in the ninth, a completely depleted bullpen because you've used most everyone in there in the previous eight innings, and no indication of how long this game is going to go on, why do you bring in Schilling? If Schilling hadn't given up that homerun there is no way to know how long we would have needed him out there. And Timlin had only pitched ONE inning. Not only that but Schilling isn't exactly Mo out there. Hell, right now he's not even a Keith Foulke!

    There’s just no part of that game last night that didn’t annoy me, and for that reason you’re getting this overly emotional rant here. Other random notes:

    * I think they should start playing the song “Lean Back” before every inning at Fenway. That fan that interfered with Trot’s potentially home-run stealing catch killed me. I know he was probably watching the ball and not Trot, but when you’re sitting front row and a ball is coming right at you? You’ve got to assume that if you can catch it, so can the fielders! Say it with me people: Lean Back.

    * What a slap in the face was it for Bellhorn when he was pinch hit for by Olerude? I will stay behind Bellhorn with all my might (even if the stats don’t back me up, I know I know, you don’t have to tell me) but he’s got to be worrying about his job right now.

    * Speaking of Olerude, I had faith that he would have at least knocked Trot’s bad throw down. Actually I think most first basemen would have. Note to Millar: you’re not helping your trade value.

    It’s going to be a rocky second half of the season folks.

    EDIT: Ok I just had the most hellish conversation with a Yankee "fan" here at the office. He comes over, all gloating and whatnot. Gets in a stance, mimics a homerun swing and says "I turned it on for the best part!" Me: "Which homerun are you talking about?" Asshole Yankee Fan: The last one the one in the ninth".

    Dude, stop talking to me right now. I am sorry, you can NOT come over and gloat to me if you didn't even watch the freaking game. He's standing there going off on how great Mo, ARod and the like are, and then he turns to me and says, who's pitching tonight? I answer Wells. He says, no, for us. WHAT? You don't even know your own freaking team's starting rotation? I mean it's fine to be a casual fan, whatever, but don't start trying to walk around all pompous when you can't even tell me who your starting pitcher is.

    Ugh. Days like today living in this damn town is PURE HELL!
    posted by FINY @ Friday, July 15, 2005   10 comments
    Thursday, July 14, 2005
    Hold On To Your Hats
    Ok, so I didn't get a chance to post today about the second half starting, but that's what's happening tonight, folks. The Red Sox officially begin the second half of the season tonight hosting those damned New York Yankees.

    I have a very bad feeling this is going to be a bumpy ride.
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 14, 2005   5 comments
    Interactive Interview
    Ok guys and gals, I thought this might be fun (and funny knowing most of your senses of humor). For the next couple of days I am going to be interviewing potential roommates. I've got a list of questions to ask, but wanted to see if any of you had any questions you'd like to see me ask. They can be as outlandish or as practical as you want. Have at it!
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 14, 2005   8 comments
    The Bravery at Webster Hall
    I must admit, I was hesitant to return to Webster Hall last night. After seeing Bloc Party there a little while back and losing approximately ten pounds in sweat, I headed into the concert last night dreading another repeat performance. I was, however, pleasantly surprised.

    The AC was working, the band didn't have to leave the stage due to technical problems (something that has happened often when I've seen shows there) and The Bravery put on a great performance.

    To be fair, I am not a huge fan, as most people in attendance seemed to be. I loved the show, but I don't own their cd. I bought the ticket mainly on the British crew's urging and on the reputation they've quickly amassed here in NYC. I was definitely in the minority last night as everyone there seemed to know every word to the songs from their debut self-titled album which in a way makes sense as they did get their start here in the city.

    Never the less it was a good show. I had read some reviews that blasted them as the group that the indie rock scene "loves to hate" because of the arrogance they project. I could definitely see signs of that in last night's show, but I feel like anyone saying that is merely referring to the fact that they have such great stage presence for a band that's only got one cd. I mean hell they were big around here before the cd even dropped.

    And I can see why. Lead singer Sam Endicott was very strong, and they played a great cover of U2's "Black Cat". Endicott actually told a story before they played the cover about how a little while back they had opened for U2. The Bravery had been playing "Black Cat" for a while apparently and were considering using the song in their set that night, but were having second thoughts. Apparently they decided, ok, if we get to meet Bono, we'll ask him if he minds! Turns out they got to meet him, he told them they could play it, yet they still chickened out of playing a U2 cover at a U2 show (a smart choice if you ask me, I mean that would have been a bit cheesy, no?). Turns out they made the right decision as U2 went on to include the song in THEIR set that night.

    Anyway, I'm rambling now. Had a great time last night. I now firmly intend on going out to buy the Bravery CD now. And since Webster did, in fact, have the AC working again, I am eagerly anticipating my July 21st return to see The Kaiser Chiefs (who's cd I've been obsessed with since I saw them at Maxwell's in Hoboken a few months ago).

    Look for a post later in the day as we gear up for the start of the second half of the Red Sox season.
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 14, 2005   3 comments
    Wednesday, July 13, 2005
    Boston 212 Cafe: Attention All NYC Sox Fans!
    The Boston 212 Cafe (which those of you who know me has become my new home away from home here in NYC) has officially changed locations. Many of the complaints that I've heard over the last few months that they had been opened at their original location on Madison and 28the Street seemed to have a lot more to do with the location itself and the fact that they were just starting up than it had to do with the venture itself. I'm hoping (and I know the guys behind 212 are hoping as well) that this change in venue will change all that.

    So as of this Thursday, July 14th, the Boston 212 Cafe will be located at 1009 Second Avenue, between 53rd & 54th Streets. It's a two floor venue, right on street level (the previous location was in a basement), full kitchen offering both a bar menu and a more traditional, what they're calling "North End Style" selections, and the flexibility to now be open not just for games, but every day of the week.

    I know I know, I sound like a little endorsement deal over here. For anyone who's about to jump down my throat for that, I have absolutely no vested interest in seeing this place do well. I HAVE over the last few months come to know 212 as a place owned by some seriously nice people who are among the bigger Sox fans that I've met since living in NYC. And hell, any little piece of NYC that RSN can take over is A-Ok in my book!

    So good luck to Charlie, Dave, and Riff!
    posted by FINY @ Wednesday, July 13, 2005   4 comments
    Tuesday, July 12, 2005
    Red Sox Slacker
    One of the downfalls of being a Red Sox fan outside of the NESN media market is that when you have busy weeks, as I've had the last two or three, you end up missing an awful lot. There's just only so much you can pick up from the box scores, and even with he Yankees starting to breathe down our necks, the NY Papers aren't covering the Sox all the much.

    Last week I was so horribly out of the loop that when my boss's husband and I checked the lineup of Thursday's game from the bar, I didn't even know who the hell was playing shortstop. Cora? Who the hell is that?!

    Without cable or internet at home, and with a busy work schedule, I've been scrambling desperately to catch up. And it couldn't have come at a worse time. With the Yankees surging I've got our mailroom guys asking me if I can hear the footsteps coming up behind me. I've got the security guards in my office building telling me to watch out. I've got Yankees fans everywhere throwing numbers at me that I can't argue because I don't know anything from the last two weeks. And as we approach the trade deadline, I don't even know what outlandish trade rumors are floating around (because I am sure there are about a thousand, this time of year always gets on my nerves).

    It's time for me to buckle down. You can't be a Sox fan in this city without being obsessive. I am convinced that when a Sox fan moves to NYC the level of their fandom increases by leaps and bounds. Why? Because it has to. Because living in enemy territory means being attacked at every turn. And the only way to defend yourself is to know everything possible. In order to be able to argue with the rest of the city you've really got to know your stuff.

    It's a battle I'm losing this week. But give me a few days and I'll be back on track. Watch out Yanks fans, FINY's reloading.
    posted by FINY @ Tuesday, July 12, 2005   12 comments
    Phone Calls and Messages
    Why is it that whenever you stop watching the phone, when you finally give up that he's going to call, you suddenly look at your phone and there's a message blinking?

    Last night I called The Firefighter back. He was out and about at a birthday party and asked if he could call back later. I'm not holding my breath that he will, but as BlackJack said on the phone last night, he's already called once when he said he was going to so I shouldn't start doubting him quite yet just because The Twin never did call when he returned from the 4th of July.

    So after making the call and watching a bit of television, I stowed my phone in my purse and headed to Target with MM to grab her some moving essentials. I mean the Firefighter wouldn't call back the same night - he was out at a party!

    So as MM and I are debating the merits of various storage bins, and what hangars to get her, I look down at my phone and the message marker is on. Since I only get service in parts of the Target store, my phone didn't tell me who I had missed the call from, though understandably I assumed it was The Firefighter.

    *86 "Please enter your password, then press pound."

    "You have 1 new message. To listen to your message please press 1"

    "Hey Finy, it's *the twin*, just wanted to see what you were up to ..."

    Seriously, do you guys have sonar? Does like a beeping sound in your head go off when it's possible that another guy is interested in the girl you've been talking to but haven't called in like a week and a half? What's the deal?


    posted by FINY @ Tuesday, July 12, 2005   5 comments
    Sunday, July 10, 2005
    Well, maybe not the BEST but it was damn good. Went to se Dave Matthews Band at Great Woods tonight (it will NEVER be the Tweeter Center damnit). The set list went as follows:

    Dream Girl
    Don’t Drink the Water
    Drive In Drive Out
    Say Goodbye
    Time Of The Season
    Hunger For The Great Light
    You Might Die Trying
    Lie In Our Graves
    Steady As We Go
    Stand Up
    American Baby
    What You Are

    #34, which after 25+ shows I don't know I have ever seen live, plus the cover of Time Of the Season (which was INCREDIBLE) made this one of the best hands down. Was a fantastic show. But an too tired now to elaborate. Will write more when I reach NYC tomorrow.

    Oh, and the firefighter called tonight. Yay!!!
    posted by FINY @ Sunday, July 10, 2005   10 comments
    Friday, July 08, 2005
    New York's Bravest
    It was supposed to be an early night.

    No. Really. I swear it was!

    Or at least that was how I had planned the evening. But as I climbed into the fire truck that was parked outside Scruffy Duffy's on 8th Ave, I realized that that plan had been completely blown.

    After hitting up one of our favorite midtown after work bars (Collins Bar on 8th Ave and 46th street)to celebrate my Phillies Fan Friend's new job, the group of us wandered out onto the street to find a large group of people taking their pictures with two firefighters and a fire truck.

    Clearly I needed to be one of them.

    So in I went, Meegan graciously taking a picture of me with her camera phone as I hung out the window fully adorned in a fireman's helmet. As I climbed down (which by the way is NOT easy to do in heels) another photo is taken of me and the firefighter who was watching the truck. And then another, because somehow he had decided that picking me up would make a better photo. I'm talking literally here.

    After depositing me back on my feet the girls and I started talking to said fireman and were promptly escorted inside to meet the reason they were all out in the first place - the man who was celebrating his last week of freedom before getting married. That's right, we had stumbled into fireman's bachelor party. This was like the stuff of dreams.

    What this led to of course was a steady stream of drinks being bought for us and my oh-so-smart plan of going home early being thrown out the window. Then again, it also led to me talking to a very cute Wall Street guy turned firefighter for hours on end. Which in turn led to a brief make out session and an exchanging of phone numbers.

    So I guess ditching the "home early" plan was worth the hangover today.
    posted by FINY @ Friday, July 08, 2005   10 comments
    Thursday, July 07, 2005
    Missing Missy, or, What I Did With My Fourth of July Weekend (Part 1)
    So this is going to be a new feature around here. Missy, I hope you don’t mind that I’ve used your full name but it just seemed to fit so well!

    Miss moved out of our apartment on this past Saturday and I am not going to try to sugar coat it here, I was pretty sad. I was proud (and Missy you should be too) that I did not cry until I was safely back in the apartment, alone, without even Sasha (Missy’s kitty) to comfort me, but never-the-less, it was tough. Missy is off to bigger and better things. She’ll be spending the next year getting her master’s degree. What this means, however, was that she needed to leave Brooklyn, Manhattan, and everything she loved about this city behind in order to do so.

    So Miss and I came up with a plan before she left. I was instructed to write painfully detailed accounts of all the “New York-ey” stuff that I was doing so that she could live vicariously. And once I get that digital camera that I’ve not-so-subtly asked for for my birthday, I’ll begin posting various pictures as well. But for now, Missing Missy Part 1, or, What I Did With My Fourth of July Weekend.

    Saturday began, as previously explained, with helping Missy move out. After a comforting chat with my mom, I realized I was now late to meet Ry and the Welshman at Grand Central to head out to P.S. 1.

    For those of you non-New Yorkers, P.S. 1 is a former public school turned modern art museum in Queens. Apparently for the last three years that I have lived in this city I have been missing out on a major summer happening. Every Saturday during the summer, from 3pm to 9pm P.S. 1 turns from museum to block party. For a mere $8 you can lounge in the sun (or under some gorgeous installation art) for hours on end listening to musical acts from around the world. Or at least that’s what I’d heard.

    As I met up with the boys at Grand Central, Ry and I armed with our own liquor, the Welshman not having thought quiet that far ahead and therefore empty handed, I wondered what this was really going to be like. Turns out it’s exactly as it’s billed.

    The courtyard of the museum had a huge low laying red, wave-like, sculpture piece running through it, grooved in such a way that it was clearly designed as a place for people to sit, but not so much so that if no one had been on it it would have looked empty. Shade was provided in certain spots by a installation that hovered above, and at points dipped into, the crowd. It’s kind of tough to fully describe, but it involved what most closely resembled silver nylon leaves, and the wave formation they were arranged in gave the impression of movement even though there was none. Surrounding all this, in a very discreet manner, were small spouts that squirted mist every five minutes or so. And this was all just in one corner of the courtyard (albeit a very large corner).

    At the other end of the courtyard a stage, complete with DJ and band was erected above a large dance floor. A set of bleachers, which was overflowing with people, served as a viewing area to the festivities. Bars stocked with $6 beers were positioned around the area, and somewhere, though I never found it, was a makeshift beach.

    Sitting in the sun, being misted by artwork, drinking my Malibu and Coke (which I had brought in) and playing with the Target pinwheel I had just been handed, I knew I had made the right decision to come. It was relaxing and wonderful. The crowd was incredibly entertaining to watch; ranging from the “see and be seen” crowd (this group probably made up 80% of the people there) to families with small children (ok, ok, so I only saw one or two of these but you get the idea). All in all it was a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    That night, after NG (new girl for those of you keeping track. I am starting to have trouble coming up with aliases for people. NG isn’t really the Welshman’s new girl anymore as they’ve been going out for a few months now, but I can’t think of anything more clever) came up with the idea of throwing an impromptu BBQ, Ry, the Welshman and I headed to K-Mart, bought a grill and the needed supplies, gathered a group on the Welshman’s roofdeck and sat eating and drinking by candle light while overlooking the NYC skyline. It was a nice, chill way to start the weekend.

    Even if I did wish Missy was there to share it with.

    (There, Ed, happy?! :) ) I’ll continue with this later, but a girl’s got work to do!
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 07, 2005   6 comments
    Sometimes Life Gets In The Way ...
    ... of blogging. It's been a crazy hectic week over here, and it doesn't look to slow down soon. In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who was affected by the bombings in London. I have a feeling anything I could have written would have seemed trivial in light of those events anyway. Somehow it makes intense deadlines at work, trying to find two roommates in three weeks, fighting with my mother, and being over-the-top stressed out seem much less dramatic.
    posted by FINY @ Thursday, July 07, 2005   3 comments
    Wednesday, July 06, 2005
    Still Kickin'
    No I have not fallen off the face of the planet. Nor have I finally succumbed to my desire to stalk Tim Wakefield. I've just been cut off from the internet for a while. With MG moving out of the apartment this weekend, MM's computer not wanting to hook up to net zero, and me being too sick to want to try to figure out the problem, I was blissfully out of the loop for a few days. Many updates to be had though, so stay tuned.
    posted by FINY @ Wednesday, July 06, 2005   13 comments
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