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    Sunday, July 10, 2005
    Well, maybe not the BEST but it was damn good. Went to se Dave Matthews Band at Great Woods tonight (it will NEVER be the Tweeter Center damnit). The set list went as follows:

    Dream Girl
    Don’t Drink the Water
    Drive In Drive Out
    Say Goodbye
    Time Of The Season
    Hunger For The Great Light
    You Might Die Trying
    Lie In Our Graves
    Steady As We Go
    Stand Up
    American Baby
    What You Are

    #34, which after 25+ shows I don't know I have ever seen live, plus the cover of Time Of the Season (which was INCREDIBLE) made this one of the best hands down. Was a fantastic show. But an too tired now to elaborate. Will write more when I reach NYC tomorrow.

    Oh, and the firefighter called tonight. Yay!!!
    posted by FINY @ Sunday, July 10, 2005  
    • At 7/10/2005, Blogger BlackJack said…

      How the hell are you posting updates already?!?

      damn girl!

    • At 7/10/2005, Blogger Macca said…

      Posting on Saturday nights/ Sunday mornings is cooooool. [said drunken Macca]

    • At 7/10/2005, Blogger Gimpy said…

      I love Dave Matthews band and I am extremely jealous! Not only did you get to see them but you had a firefighter call too!! Aahhh, the single days.....................jealous I say!

    • At 7/10/2005, Blogger Miss Browneyedgirlie said…

      YAY for DMB and the firefighter calling!

      I'm jealous, as well. Only seen them once and it was the best show EVER.

      And no, it will never be the Tweeter Center. What's with the dirt? Where'd the grass go?

    • At 7/11/2005, Anonymous Edmund Dantes said…

      Wait until she sees the photo over on I wonder if she remembers even posing for it.

      Sounds like you had a great time. Cool.

    • At 7/11/2005, Anonymous Darren said…

      I'm JEALOUS...REAL JEALOUS and a litle shocked they didn't open with Don't Drink The Water....

    • At 7/11/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      To be honest I am a bit dissapointed witht he set. I mean, the cover of Time of the Season was AMAZING, and some research done by a friend shows that they hadn't played #34 in 12 YEARS, but the rest of the set was still on the new side. I miss hearing stuff like Granny, two step, recently, etc etc. Say Goodbye was another good one that night and something I hadn't heard him play in a LONG time, but I still think of anything from Everyday to the present as "new".

      But I was still lucky enough to be there, and I'll be seeing them again on Randall's Island in a few weeks, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

    • At 7/12/2005, Blogger schmims said…

      Linked to you through Gimpy...

      Not so much of a Dave fan these days. I slept through him this year at Bonnaroo so that I could go to the better late shows. He's a sell out. He use to jam, now he sounds like the cd. The last show I went to the crowd was so obnoxious, bunch of abercrombie wearing 18 year olds.

      But that's just my take. Welcome to America where you're entitled to your own opinion.

      And props for the firefighter calling! Firefighters are hot!

    • At 7/12/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      schmims, welcome! It is tough, sometimes to reconcile myself to the direction that DMB has gone in the last few years (read: basically since Crash came out). Busted Stuff grew on me, but mainly because it was the Lillywhite Sessions revisited and I'd heard them play many of those songs before.

      The trip up to MA to see them at the Tweeter Center has become more of a tradition than it has for pure love of the band. The group of friends I do this with has been going for 9 years now.

      I actually do have high hopes for the Randall's Island show though. Since it's a festival set up, I am hoping they jam a bit more. Stretch those 4 minute songs into 12, the way they used to. But we'll see.

    • At 4/25/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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