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    Friday, July 08, 2005
    New York's Bravest
    It was supposed to be an early night.

    No. Really. I swear it was!

    Or at least that was how I had planned the evening. But as I climbed into the fire truck that was parked outside Scruffy Duffy's on 8th Ave, I realized that that plan had been completely blown.

    After hitting up one of our favorite midtown after work bars (Collins Bar on 8th Ave and 46th street)to celebrate my Phillies Fan Friend's new job, the group of us wandered out onto the street to find a large group of people taking their pictures with two firefighters and a fire truck.

    Clearly I needed to be one of them.

    So in I went, Meegan graciously taking a picture of me with her camera phone as I hung out the window fully adorned in a fireman's helmet. As I climbed down (which by the way is NOT easy to do in heels) another photo is taken of me and the firefighter who was watching the truck. And then another, because somehow he had decided that picking me up would make a better photo. I'm talking literally here.

    After depositing me back on my feet the girls and I started talking to said fireman and were promptly escorted inside to meet the reason they were all out in the first place - the man who was celebrating his last week of freedom before getting married. That's right, we had stumbled into fireman's bachelor party. This was like the stuff of dreams.

    What this led to of course was a steady stream of drinks being bought for us and my oh-so-smart plan of going home early being thrown out the window. Then again, it also led to me talking to a very cute Wall Street guy turned firefighter for hours on end. Which in turn led to a brief make out session and an exchanging of phone numbers.

    So I guess ditching the "home early" plan was worth the hangover today.
    posted by FINY @ Friday, July 08, 2005  
    • At 7/08/2005, Anonymous Esther said…

      So this is what I get for leaving early, right? Your night sounds way better than my 3 hours of cooking! I certainly need an update on Tuesday...

    • At 7/08/2005, Blogger aurora said…

      Nice work!

    • At 7/08/2005, Blogger Ari said…

      Glad to hear you had a great time!!!

    • At 7/08/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      Hahaha. See? You should NEVER leave a party early! The firefighter is probably never going to call, but oh well. Was still LOTS of fun.

    • At 7/08/2005, Anonymous darren said…

      Glad you had a great time. Chix dig firefighters. Found this on the net today:

      Schilling went to Pawtucket;
      Rehabbing skills to chuck it.

      His first try as a closer:
      Allowed 2 runs! Just a poser?

      Damon chimes in to muck it.

    • At 7/08/2005, Blogger Gimpy said…

      I agree, it was worth it. Keep us posted on that firefighter because he will call!! I have faith!

    • At 7/08/2005, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      My Favorite Party Girl, does it again.

      My father's brother was a NYC Firefighter. FDNY/da best!

    • At 7/09/2005, Blogger Meegan said…

      I think I have just now finally recovered from Thursday.

    • At 7/11/2005, Blogger Amy said…

      CMON. Dont' rub it in that you have the chance to meet Fire Fighters that aren't chewing tobacco and calling me bitch. *sigh* To live in a city for once :)

    • At 7/12/2005, Anonymous Missy said…

      KIM!! I clearly need better updates on your life, no longer being around to hear about it off-the-cuff at 3 am. A firefighter, for Christ's sake- MY, aren't we living the dream?

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