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    Monday, August 08, 2005
    By Popular Demand ... Number 2!
    *Finy giggles uncontrollably. Hehehe. I said number 2!*

    Ahem, sorry, ok here we go ...

    Though Friday is technically not the weekend, that’s where our story begins. Sometime Friday morning, Ed a friend and frequent commenter here, mentioned that he was going to head to the new Boston 212 Café that evening to check out the game. I had planned on making it an early night, but of course what could I do but be sure to meet him up there. It’s not as if the man comes into the city everyday!

    What this also did was give me an opportunity to text message The Twin. The Twin and I had talked the night before for about half an hour, just shooting the shit. He had come out for my birthday a few weeks back, things were … progressing, I guess. So I texted him that morning, let him know I was going to watch the game that night, and asked if he’d like to join us. He said he’d meet us there.

    Well, clearly that meant more preparation for the night was necessary than if I was simply meeting Ed! (Sorry Ed, sweetie, you know I love you, but I don’t shave my legs for you). So as I scrambled home after work (which because it was Friday during the summer meant a departure time of 12:30) I hurriedly did laundry, because I needed something cute to wear, hung out with my new roommate for a while, got myself all pretty (ok, as pretty as you can make yourself to watch a Sox game, I mean I couldn’t be trying TOO hard) and made my way back into the city.

    MM and I had made plans to go to Petco to ask some questions about adopting kittens. This part of the story is almost a bit too painful to retell as I absolutely fell in love with a grey tabby that I could NOT put down. Unfortunately it didn’t work out. We’ll leave it at that. Sigh.

    Once I got to the bar The Twin had sent me a message that he was running late but would be there soon. So as I sat with Ed and our Friend Brooklyn, one of the owners of 212 comes over and asks if it will just be the three of us.

    “No,” I answer grudgingly, knowing exactly where he’s going with this, “someone else is meeting us as well.”

    “Oh REALLY.” He feigns surprise. “Who would that be?”

    “The Twin, ok, the twin is meeting us. Happy?” I could see this was going to be a long night.

    And boy was it …

    The game was, well, is there any other way to put it than downright painful? The Twin met up with us maybe 3 innings in, which clearly bolstered MY spirits but I doubt did much for the rest of them. For the next few hours we sit around, joking, talking, having a good time. I still have a hard time reading The Twin. To this point we’ve been on a few dates, we hang out a bunch, I’ve gotten a few quick kisses goodnight, but that’s about it. And I’m too damn nervous and too damn shy around him to really try to figure it out. I am an absolute wimp when it comes to him. It’s retarded. Immediately after the game, Ed and Brooklyn left, and The Twin and I ordered a few more drinks. And then for some reason we all did shots. Cause that was a good idea. But it was on the house, so why the hell not.

    Afterwards we decide to get some food because neither of us is “really all that tired”. I don’t know about him, but I am lying out my ass at this point. It’s 1am and I’ve had a lot to drink. I am definitely sleepy. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me.

    After having a fantastic greasy breakfast at a nearby diner we start walking towards Grand Central. I’m gearing myself up for the inevitable quick kiss goodnight as has been the ending to every other time we’ve hung out when The Twin asks if I want to get another drink. In Brooklyn.

    Now the question is, where to?

    And it was clear that neither of us really wanted to answer it.

    So as we stood above the platform trying to choose which train to take, I was doing my subconscious, I’m nervous so I am just going to look at the floor move. That is until he grabbed the belt loop on my jeans gently pulled me toward him and kissed me.

    Oh. Ok. Your place or mine?

    In the end we decided to go back to his new apartment, grabs some beer on the way, and hang out for a while. Or that’s what we said we were going to do. It was almost 4 in the morning who were we kidding?! After showing me the new place, some of his work, and some photography he’s actually been the subject of, we picked out a movie and got comfy. Since the Twin doesn’t have a TV, nor really any room in the living room at the moment, I was lent some PJs, we put the movie into his laptop and promptly snuggled up.

    Man have I missed that. I know that guys like to joke about how long you’re supposed to cuddle and blah blah blah, but seriously, sometimes it’s just nice to be held! By the time the movie ended, or should I say whenever it was that we noticed it was over, it was light outside. Oops.

    After sleeping until about 3 we rolled out of bed ready to head out for a bite to eat. As The Twin showered I checked my messages, The Welshman had called twice. Fully bored without his girlfriend in town, we decided to see a movie later that night. After, of course, the requisite making fun of Finy for having not been home yet.

    After a lot of wandering around Williamsburg and lunch at a cute little hole in the wall pub (which felt weird to both of us since it felt like midmorning but was really midafternoon) the Twin and I headed into the city, he to buy some stuff for the apartment, me to take a nap. Or so I thought.

    We parted ways at Union Square and realizing I was close to the movie theater, instead of transferring right away to get home to Brooklyn, I headed above ground to check the times of Wedding Crashers. This was my first mistake.

    I give the Welshman a call, rattle off the times, and realize that if we want to see The Rocker play a show that night we’re going to need to go to the 7pm viewing of the movie. I’ve got an hour. So much for going home and napping.

    So off to the Welshman’s to kill some time and borrow his hair gel (because let’s be honest, curly hair was not meant for all nighters. It was starting to look like I had a shrub on my head). After a beer on the back patio and some more making fun of me, we headed to the theater.

    Everyone must go see this movie. I am completely serious it was hilarious. I hadn’t really been excited to see it. Looked like another one of those, “Really? Was it THAT funny? I didn’t think so … but whatever”. I feel that way about a lot of movies that seem to become instant pop culture. But this was just absolutely freaking hysterical. Seriously. Go see it. Now.

    So after said movie we’re out on the sidewalk and the Welshman wants to grab a drink. We’ve clearly passed the time to make it up to the Rocker’s show, so we decide to head to Nevada Smiths, watch the end of the Sox game, and have A beer.

    This was mistake number two.

    The Sox lose the game in horrendous fashion, and the bar requires a $20 minimum on credit cards. Since The Welshman had thrown down his company card, clearly we need to each have another beer. It is now probably somewhere around 11pm? I haven’t been home in … hmmm … 39 hours. But what was I to do? A free beer was sitting in front of me. Obviously it must be drunk.

    Once again we are on the sidewalk. The Welshman notices we are very close to Black and White. I make mistake number three just by THINKING about it. Because he sees the hesitation and walks away in the direction of the bar.

    Mistake number 4 is following him.

    It should be noted that Black and White was the scene of the crime some 6 months back where the Welshman and I crossed the line. And I have to admit it felt nice to sit down over some Red Bull and vodkas (because I was definitely crashing at this point) and shooting the shit. To know that we were far enough removed from that that it wasn’t even an issue.

    What did NOT feel nice was waking up the next morning after arriving home some 44 hours after I had left it and not really sleeping so much as passing out. What felt even WORSE was helping my new roomie from Boston move her stuff into the apartment. Or after that trudging all the way uptown to meet the Welshman, the Rocker, J and a few others to celebrate J’s birthday and watch the game.

    I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as I did last night.

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    posted by FINY @ Monday, August 08, 2005  
    • At 8/08/2005, Anonymous Esther said…

      Though you didn't get much sleep, it sounds like you had a good time. Btw, my parent's neighbors have an orange tabby that they want to give away (it wandered to their house and has been there since). Want me to get more info?

    • At 8/09/2005, Anonymous Edmund Dantes said…

      1.) It's okay. I'm not picky enough that I need a girl to shave her legs for me all the time. No hard feelings. :D

      2.) The owner already knew the Twin was going to be there from him and I just hanging out, shooting the breeze before you showed up.***

      3.) A set of free shots happened before Brooklyn and I left. Did another set happen later?

      4.) Glad to hear things are going well with the Twin.

      ***Note: 212 has some nice potential. The smoke room will be a nice feature for those of you that smoke.

      It's also got the storefront so walk ins are more likely to happen. In the time I was there before you showed up, there were at least 4 or 5 different groups of people that walked by, saw the signs, and stuck there heads in or stayed to see what it was all about.

      It'll be nice when the trial period is up, and they can add some more traditional bar food.

    • At 8/09/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      Esther, YES I would love to get more info on the cat!

      1. Good. :)
      2. So basically what you're saying is he was DEFINITELY just giving me a hard time. Why am I not even a LITTLE surprised.
      3. Yes another one happened after you left. Love it when the owner of the bar starts drinking with us.
      4. Thanks.
      And yeah, the new 212 location is SO much better.

    • At 8/09/2005, Blogger Chief Slacker said…

      I like how you left out just about everything about the games ;O) And as for that whole stupid "cuddle for so long" crap. If you read my post today obviously I hate all the supposed rules and games people are supposed to play in relationships. Keep doin what you're doing and have fun! :O)

    • At 8/09/2005, Anonymous Jack Roy said…

      Dude, what? They're putting in a Smoke Room!

      Oh, I am so never going back to Phebe's and Croxley again!

    • At 8/09/2005, Anonymous Melimiss said…

      Christ we have a lot of catching up to do....!

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