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    Monday, August 01, 2005
    A Sad Day for Baseball
    Before I go off wandering the internet, and especially the blogosphere, looking for people's reactions to Rafael Palmeiro's suspension this afternoon, I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts. I know that in getting more information, and in thinking about it more, I am sure that my opinions will oscillate quite a bit. But for now, I'd like to record my initial emotional response.

    I'm sad. There's really no other way to put it. I feel like no matter how old I get, and contrary to all of the information at my disposal, I will always be the idealistic, baseball as a pure game, stars-in-her-eyes kind of fan. I'm like that in my everyday life as well. Always seeing the good in people long before the bad. This usually gets me walked on. But it's never going to change.

    So when something like Palmeiro's suspension happens, I feel ... betrayed. And I think all baseball fans should. I also want to smack him upside the head. I don't care how long he's been using steroids, I don't care what it's done for his career, how FUCKING stupid do you have to be to continue to take them right now? Sure, testing is random, but when you KNOW there's testing going on, why even risk it? So now, not only is Palmeiro potentially a cheater and a liar, he's also potentially incredibly moronic (I say potentially because he is claiming he didn't use them and that they got in his system without his knowledge, which I guess still puts him in the just ridiculously dumb category, so really no matter what way you look at it the guy is now a known idiot).

    This is all the baseball world is going to be talking about for a little while. Maybe a long while. And with each new theory I feel like it's going to kill a small piece of the little-girl-fan inside me. The one that wants to believe there are pure baseball players. The one that believes in the game and the people who play it. I don't want to become bitter and start thinking everyone who suddenly gets hot is taking performance enhancing drugs. I want to believe that this is clearly OTHER teams problems and that obviously none of the Sox would ever use.

    But logically I know this is the state of the game. We have to be skeptical now. We have to question, and criticize. And you would think Red Sox fans more than anyone else would be prepared to do so. But I'm not. Even though I know I have to.
    posted by FINY @ Monday, August 01, 2005  
    • At 8/02/2005, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      All, for awhile, seemed that MLB, only went after little Unknowns.
      Now a big name was discovered to be "In The Cream", "In The Clear", & "Being Needled Along."
      Whatever happened to hot dogs & beer, the way Babe Ruth did it?
      Wait! David Wells keeps up The Ruthian Tradition.
      & then there's "Bonds-Scum", & the Needle.

    • At 8/02/2005, Blogger Ari said…

      I feel you rpain, I am a former baseball lover, but when they took the world series away in 94, I decided they couldn't have all of my time. So i told them, if I am interested I would tune in, but I would follow it somewhat like our grandparents used to. Reading a headline, an article. But I will never go back to being a full time baseball fan except if I have a child who loves it or they actually fix the game with common sense.

    • At 8/03/2005, Blogger gawblimeyman said…

      I've always failed to see the attraction of rounders, erm sorry baseball. My sports are football (the proper English game!); Rugby League and ice hockey (British!).
      My local ice hockey team, Streatham Redskins, folded in 1993. I then became a sort of fairweather hockey fan, going to watch London Knights when I was offered the odd free ticket, only paying occasionally.
      But then in 2003 the Redskins came back & re-formed!(Albeit at a low level). Believe me it's not possible to walk away from a sport you love, it just becomes dormant inside you for a while!

    • At 8/03/2005, Blogger Gimpy said…

      Things like this too make me wonder what the fuck the players are thinking. Like making millions of dollars already isn't enough self gratification, that the need to artificially enhance themselves.

      For Love of the Game. Where's the love of the game? Sure fame and money are a huge added bonus, but you know when these MLB players were playing their hearts out in high school they were playing because they loved the game. When there wasn't the $$ and the fame.

      Being the avid football fan, this same shit pisses me off with my sport of choice. There's Terrell Owens talking about, "I need more money, I've gotta feed my family!" AAHHH!! That's a slap in the face to every blue-collar worker who doesn't even make 1% of what T.O.'s annual salary is and will probably never make it in his life time. Same thing with Ricky Williams telling the NFL to fuck off because he can't stop smoking pot. Pot, NFL, Pot, NFL....hhmmmm that sounds like a tough decision to me. Besides that these players are doing what they LOVE to do. How many people can say that they are content with their current job because they're doing what they've wanted to do since they could remember??? Not many.

      My note to the players of all major league sports (on the off chance that one will be reading this):

      All games have rules. Love the game, abide by the rules. It's that simple. Think of the fans who live paycheck to paycheck, yet still manage to sacrifice something just to buy a ticket to come watch you play. Stay true to your team. Just because you're getting old and you might not start, you've made enough goddam money to have you set for life. DON'T LEAVE YOUR TEAM!! Teach the rookies and mold them to be future hall of famers. Leave the game being positive. Being remembered and talked about for generations to come. That's how the great players in history did it.

      Sorry Finy for the novel comment, but I'm with you on this one!!


    • At 8/03/2005, Blogger Chief Slacker said…

      You're right, it is a sad state of the game. People who play for the fun of it are rare now. They're not popular so they don't stick around in the limelight or make money. Steroids are a calculated rick, make a few more million and chance suspension? or bat .200 and have no one really know who you are? People don't care as much about the charasmatic fun players, they want home run hitters.

      I miss the baseball of when I was a kid, playing real baseball. My Twins still play that way, but look how they're doing this year...

      P.S. could you pass along a plea to your boys... we could REALLY use a series win this weekend when y'all come to town! We'll give you at leat one win!

      Oh and if you somehow make it to the Minneapolis area and want to go to the game this weekend, its on me ;O)

    • At 4/26/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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