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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005
    Friday Update
    No Sleep

    Apparently, sleep is not an option in my life. Met The Twin last night for the game but when it got rained out, we decided to go see The Corpse Bride (everyone should go see this it was great) and then back to his place where I spent the night. I did have time on the train however, to at least write an update on how this past Friday night went. So I guess I’ll be updating you guys a piece at a time.


    Friday Night:

    The drive down to DC started later than anticipated. And by the time we got down there Rach (who was driving)’s boyfriend, DC Boy, was almost too drunk to direct us to his OWN apartment. So he met us on the street corner two blocks from his place, sans shirt or shoes. Let’s just say they’d been drinking for a while.

    After safely parking, meeting DCB’s friends, and dumping our stuff Rach and I knew one thing: we needed to catch up, and fast!

    Cut to the bar an hour and a half later. Rach and I are three beers and four shots in. A piece. Hey bars in DC close early we needed to make the most of it! Somewhere in there I did stumble across a theory that I’ll stick by even while sober though: I am convinced that deaf people slur. That’s right I said it. Really though, there was this group of deaf people at the bar that night and they’re all drinking and signing away, and I’m thinking, God, I can barely walk, never mind use my hands to communicate complicated thoughts. And then it hit me. Well, I slur when I get REALLY shitty, I am sure that when deaf people sign while drunk their movements must get a bit lax. I wish I knew a deaf person I could ask about this.

    Anyway, the night continued with Rach and I starting our own dance party in the downstairs part of the bar and getting hit on by some very skeevy Marines. One of whom bought us shots and then tried to throw his over his shoulder so he wouldn’t have to shoot one of his own. Problem was he was so drunk he just ended up dousing his shoulder in vodka. DCB and the Welshman saved us at that point.

    We walked home shortly after and on the 6 block walk DCB decided it was once again a good idea to take his shirt off. Rach quickly followed suit. Not one to miss out on embarrassing myself my shirt followed in short order. Nothing like looking out on the Capital Building in jeans and a bra.

    God I’m classy.


    Saturday Game Update and Shenanigans after the game update to come later.

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    posted by FINY @ Tuesday, September 27, 2005  
    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger BlackJack said…

      You are the epitome of class babe.

      As for the deaf thing, you are absolutely correct. As you know I'm not deaf, but I did date an ASL major for 8 months in college and she had a ton of deaf friends. She was always amused when they got drunk because they would ‘slur’ their words. And yes, they do refer to it as slurring.

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger Itchy said…

      Oh I remember the getting drunk and taking my shirt off days...those were good times! :D

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      This ain't gonna be easy, when you're 50.

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      Beejer: Lol, you called me classy. Lol.

      THANKS for the deaf people confirmation!!!!

      Itchy: Do you remember or do you "remember" because my memories are a little fuzzy and I'm still living them! :)

      Michael: Rage, rage against the dying of the light! I will be a drunk crazy girl until my dying day. Or at least I hope to be :)

      ***As a side note, I have acheived my life's goal. I have rendered my mother speechless. If you know my mom you know how impressive this is. She literally starts stammering every time she mentions the shirtless incident. I never would have thought something that simple would do it, but wow. I love you Mom!!!***

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger Esther said…

      Though it's a lot easier to do with me, you wow-ed me too. I can't believe you just up and took off your shirt like that! Maybe it's the sheltered/naive part of me talking...

    • At 9/27/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I just wish I'd had my camera with me. Yes folks, I was there, I saw the whole thing, and she really was walking around Capitol Hill shirtless

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the Welshman!

      And do you HONESTLY think I would have done that had their been a camera around? Please, I was drunk, not stupid!

    • At 9/27/2005, Anonymous JMD said…

      "And do you HONESTLY think I would have done that had their been a camera around?"

      BlackJack's camera and a car trunk say HELLO!

    • At 9/27/2005, Blogger Itchy said…

      Oh, I actually remember some of the incidents of the stupid things I did - which some involve me taking off my shirt...and then others I've had to try to remember while my friends say "do you remember that time..." but normally I have an equally embarrasing moment that they don't remember to come back with. And really, taking off your shirt isn't all that shocking. I mean, you wear a bikini to the beach right? So why's it different? Yes, I just is...feh.

    • At 9/27/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      there could have been a camera and you would have been none the wiser

    • At 9/28/2005, Blogger Chief Slacker said…

      Classy Shmassy, that would have been hot. ;O) You're cute, you probably could have had afew senators eating out of your hand ;O) And you have to be careful nowadays. Cell phone cams can hide anywhere!

    • At 9/28/2005, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      I shale rage against the dying light, fuled with either Sam Adams, or Rheingold, whichever is handy.

    • At 9/28/2005, Blogger april said…

      Walking around Capitol Hill shirtless beats my attempt to play a trumpet shirtless. Us band geeks knew how to party. And NO, I've never put a flute in any of my orafaces!

    • At 9/29/2005, Blogger MC Etcher said…

      The bars in DC close early? How weird, I never woulda guessed that. Always thought it was an all-night-long kind of town.

    • At 9/29/2005, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      If The Sox aren;t in postseason, will the gang still get together

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