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    Thursday, April 19, 2007
    How To Get Dressed In The Morning While Doped Up On Cold Medicine
    1. Look in the mirror.

    Yup, yup that's it. That's all you've got to do people. But apparently? That was a little too much for me today.

    After having spent the entirety of yesterday in a cold sweat under my down comforter, coughing so much that I gave myself a migraine, and barely being able to get up in order to down the water that was necessary to keep me from completely dehydrating, I awoke this morning thinking "Ok, I can do this I can go to work".

    And I thought I could, I really did. Until my boss told me I looked like hell. And then HER boss told me I looked awful. And then yet another coworker told me I really should go home. This was a real ego boost of a morning let me tell you.

    So I did as I was told and boarded the subway to Brooklyn around 1:30. It was only when I was hanging up my jacket in the closet that is conveniently right next to the full length mirror that I realized, my being sick may have not been the only reason they had all told me to go home. When I had dressed this morning, in my black pleated work pants and my dark teal cashmere sweater, which I had never worn, I thought I was fine. But upon closer inspection, and in different light?

    Yeah the damn this is pretty effing see-through. And I'm not talking, just see the outline of the bra kind of see-through, I'm talking, see the cute little flowers that are embroidered into the bra kind of see through. Like hey-I-can-see-your-belly-button see-through.

    I'm going to go crawl back into bed now.

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    posted by FINY @ Thursday, April 19, 2007  
    • At 4/19/2007, Blogger Esther said…

      Oh sweetie! I really hope you don't have what I did last month, but feel better!

    • At 4/19/2007, Blogger Miss B said…


      I'm right there with you, FINY, minus the coughing.

      It's April vacation and I have a cold. Somehow, in some way, it goes back to my students. I know it.

      Even if I've been away from them for nearly a week.

      Feel better soon :)

    • At 4/20/2007, Blogger suzie said…

      at least you were 1) WEARING a bra and 2) it had cute little flowers on it. :)

    • At 4/20/2007, Anonymous Mark said…

      That's why I wear Carharts. I hate it when the little flowers show through!

    • At 4/20/2007, Anonymous edmund dantes said…

      I know you are sick, and I know you feel like crap right now. However I can't stop cracking up on this one. Sorry Finy. Get better soon.

    • At 4/22/2007, Blogger KAYLEE said…

      Feel better soon.

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