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    Thursday, November 10, 2005
    Magic, Music, and Movies
    I’m not a huge movie person. As a matter of fact I see VERY few in the theaters. It’s not that I don’t love to veg out and watch a good movie here and there, it’s just that since I don’t watch television that much and don’t read reviews in the paper, I usually don’t even know what’s playing and when I’m thinking “Gee what should I do today” “Go see a movie” is not even in the top five of what first comes to my head.

    That said, this month there are two movies coming out that I absolutely can not WAIT to see. And both classify me as a huge dork. And that’s ok by me.

    The first is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire due out on November 18th. I absolutely love both the books and
    the movies, and am definitely one of those people that counts down the days until their releases. I’m also probably going to mourn after the next book comes out since it’s the last. Anyway, this one opens on November 18th. I may try to get tickets to the midnight showing, but I kind of want to wait to see it in Imax, which I am sure is going to be impossible to get tickets for. But especially since this is the movie with The Triwizard Tournament, and I am sure visually it is going to be astounding, I’d may rather wait to see it on the bigger screen. Then again, I could always just see it twice … hmmmmm.

    The second is the one I am REALLY exited about. The movie adaptation of the musical Rent comes out on Nov. 23rd and I am simply ecstatic. I love this show and have seen it three times (though never with the original cast) and am interested to see how it plays out on film. When Chicago was made into a movie I will say I think they did a pretty nice job of it and I hope they stay as true to the Broadway version of Rent as possible. I am a bit upset by an internet rumor floating around out there that the songs “Halloween” (which is one of my favorites) and “Goodbye, Love” (which is actually at a rather poignant plot point) were not included in the final cut. This kind of thing always makes me angry. They didn’t include the song “Nobody’s Got No Class” in the Chicago movie and I was irate (and not just because I love that song). I just feel like if you’re going to make a movie based on a show that’s already in existence, you’ve got to include all of the original songs. Especially since when these shows are written the music is a MAJOR conveyor of the emotion and plot going on onstage at the time. Of course the dialogue is important, but the music is what really drives it home. It was written to be that way. Stick to it!

    So we’ll see if either of these are let downs or not. But I really doubt it. Geez, after seeing Jarhead last weekend and these two movies coming up this is a HUGE movie month for me. It’s possible that’s more movies in one month than I’ve gone to see all year! I gotta get out more.


    posted by FINY @ Thursday, November 10, 2005  
    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger lizy said…

      Totally off the point, but, have you heard from the elusive Meegan lately?

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      Not since yesterday. Has she still not approved your first blog post? Should I take lunch to hunt her down and beat it out of her? You've already got an adoring public, we're dying in anticipation over here!

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger Itchy said…

      I am super, super, super excited about the Harry Potter movie! Yes, I am 33 and yes I just used the word super 3 times...that should explain a lot about me right there. :D I've had it written on my calendar for months!!!

    • At 11/10/2005, Anonymous julia said…

      Really? I'm surprised about those two songs not being included from Rent; they're both on the soundtrack (although I suppose Class was on the Chicago soundtrack, too, so that doesn't mean much). Bummer!

      In general, I actually don't mind so much when songs are cut. They didn't cut anything from Phantom of the Opera (at least, I can't think of anything off the top of my head), and it made it just about interminable. It also makes the stage show that bit more special, you know?

      Anyway, I'm excited about HP, as well - seeing it on IMAX the first night, but I procrastinated so the tickets are for the 11:40 pm show. :(

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger lizy said…

      Never mind, I found her! The poor thing is severely dehydrated this morning. Curious, as she had so much to drink last night.

      She was very excited when I told her to check her in box for my post.

      Patience, my dear! It will be up soon!

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger WelshSoxFan said…

      I can see how it can be annoying if they cut a song you like, but it is an 'adaptation'. If you're just going to make a movie of the stage version, then what is the point - it's supposed to add a new dimension to an existing piece of work. I hate that Chicago was filmed so theatrically - they could almost have just put a camera in the theatre (except that would have at least had better singing). The movie of Evita is a fine standard to follow when it comes to big screen adaptations (and, from the trailers, it seems like Rent has gone that route, thank goodness). Regardless, it looks like it could be good.

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      itchy I don't care how old you are, Harry Potter appeals to everyone!!!

      julia you're one step ahead of me, I haven't gotten tickets yet. I should get on that.

      lizy should have guessed, I forgot Wednesdays were the drinking-after-class events.

      And I have patience, but we've been waiting for soooo long now!!!

      welshboy sometimes I swear you come around here just to disagree with me. Yes, I understand it's an adaptation. I believe I even used that word in my post, and yeah, I know what the word means. However, while Halloween, though one of my favorites, probably was easy to cut out since it really doesn't add a hell of a lot to the plot, I truly feel that "Goodbye, Love" does. Adapt it to the screen, fine, but pick and choose the songs better. "Class" from Chicago was also another, "that's fine if they left it out" I was just pissed cause I love that song.

      Also, I LOVED the way Chicago was shot. It was a beautiful movie. So :p

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger Maine said…

      Harry Potter and Rent.

      Yes... you and my wife would have made excellent friends. This clinched it.

    • At 11/10/2005, Anonymous Edmund Dantes said…

      Put me in the category of can't wait to see the next Potter film.

      Not sure if I'm going to go crazy for a mid-night show, but I'll definitely see that one as soon as possible.

      OT -- Not that I have had this problem with yours, but I was actually on a site the other day that used the word recognition thing to thwart spam. The only problem is the letter for x was so stretched and twisted that it was impossible to tell if it was t or x. I, of course, guessed wrong or I probably wouldn't be making this post about it.

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger Miss Browneyedgirlie said…

      I adore Harry Potter - those books are so addicting. And I finished 'Goblet of Fire' not that long ago, so it would be good to see how the movie fares in comparison, since it's still fresh in my mind.

      I've never seen the Broadway rendition of 'RENT,' though one of my high school friends was obsessed with it...the film version looks good, but I may wait for the video.

      I'll be resuming viewing of the 'Band of Brothers' miniseries this weekend...very much looking forward to that.

      For several reasons ;)

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger april said…

      I'm supposed to go see Jarheads this weekend, is it good? Isn't Jake such a hottie?

      If you've already mentioned your opinion on this please forgive me for asking?

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger BlackJack said…

      I think I may be the only person in the world who didn't like Rent. I do plan on watching the movie (eventually) mostly in the hopes that I'll like it better than I did the play.

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger FINY said…

      maine: I'll take that as a compliment if she can put up with you on a daily basis the woman must be a saint! Lol :)

      ed: that always drives me crazy, but not as crazy as ten thousand spam messages.

      girlie: Right, Band of Brothers, yeah, that's totally why you're excited /sarcasm. You should see Rent though, I was/am totally obsessed as well.

      april: for some reason a lot of people are saying it was dull and that it was a let down. I didn't feel that way at ALL. I loved it, thought it was very engaging and from what I've heard from The Ex, it was a pretty appropriate example of what boot camp is like.

      beejer:Why didn't you like it, I need more specifics before I can argue with you.

    • At 11/10/2005, Anonymous Darren said…

      Im probably alone here, but Rent is the worst piece of garbage to ever grace the Broadway stage. I hated it, every minute of it. Yuck Yuck Yuck....

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger BlackJack said…

      You're not alone Darren!

      I only saw it once. It was almost ten years ago so my memories of the show may be a little fuzzy. Also, I was in a rather bad mood when I went so I may have been a little disposed towards not liking it.

      I saw it in Boston, so it was the road company but even so, the production was crap. The music was too loud to really hear the lyrics very well. I don't know if they did that because the actors weren't very good singers or what.

      As for the story itself, what a bunch of fucking 'woe is me' losers! Not a one of them sees fit to actually get a damn job. The guitar guy is all sad because he has to sell his guitar so he can eat - here's a clue - GET A FUCKING JOB NUMBNUTS! And how about getting all pissed off because their friend will no longer let them squat at the apartment building he owns - um, I'm sorry when did he become responsible for all his deadbeat friends? Oh and lets steal one of our friends ATM cards. It's only money, right?

      The only character that I had the slightest bit of sympathy for was Angel. Seemed like the only character that wasn't actively trying to make their own life worse.

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger Esther said…

      I am SOO excited for Harry Potter. Not quite so much for Rent, but possibly because of who I saw the Broadway show with last year. I'll definitely see it though maybe not in the movie theater.

    • At 11/10/2005, Blogger lizy said…

      Off topic, but the committee has passed the first post into "better than good" territory.

      Blog to soon follow!!!

    • At 11/11/2005, Blogger WelshSoxFan said…

      nah, I don't just want to disagree with you (although baiting you is fun) - Chicago is just one my pet peeves. As a former film student it just makes my skin crawl! Still at least Titanic saves it the ignominy of being the worst Best Film Oscar winner of the past 20 years. That pile of crap makes Chicago look like Citizen Kane!

      As for cutting songs out - definitely see where you're coming from - if a vital plot point hinges on the song then it's strange that they would cut it out. I suspect though that if there is a vital plot point there, then they have either chosen some other way to represent it, or they have elminated that part of the story (probably for issues of run time of maybe simply because it didn't work in the film's version). Who knows until it comes out.

      It is V annoying when a fave song doesn't appear though.

    • At 3/15/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      That's a great story. Waiting for more. here

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