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    Thursday, September 28, 2006
    I Officially Reject the Month of September
    From here on out, I will no longer acknowledge the existence of the month of September. Let's take a quick recap of my month thus far:
    * Moved into an apartment over-run by cockroaches.
    * Got dumped.

    and now we can add a third to the list:
    * Had purse stolen.

    That's right. Last night, while riding the train home, I fell asleep. And when I awoke, it was gone. Three hours later, three hours of crying, and police reports, and waking up a super who had never met me at 3 in the morning to get his set of keys, I was in my apartment. Without my cell phone. Without my wallet. Without my camera, my Kate Spade purse, without my checkbook.

    This morning has consisted of trips to the bank, to verizon wireless, calls to my management company, my credit cards, my parents. It will continue with calls to the DMV, and a visit from the locksmith so he can change my locks.

    Of course all of these calls are being made from the office since I have no phone.

    And it's all my fault. All of it. Everything that's happened this month falls directly on my shoulders. I should have asked MM more questions about the bugs. I shouldn't have ever let The Twin back into my life. I shouldn't be traveling on the subway while tipsy and tired.

    I've hit rock bottom at this point. Here's to hoping there's nowhere to go from here but up - but I'm not going to count on it.

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    posted by FINY @ Thursday, September 28, 2006  
    • At 9/28/2006, Anonymous edmund dantes said…

      Sorry to hear that FINY.

    • At 9/28/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      it sounds like you need a spiritual guru to help get you back in shape. do you know anyone who's interested in that sort of thing?


    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger Ari said…

      Hey Finy,

      Just relax and take a deap breath. You have great thingsin your life. All those things that were stolen can be replaced. All those experiences that you have gone thru will only make you stronger and most off all you have your faithful readers who smile, cry and expereince just likek you do. SO think of your moms smile or your dads walk or the time you had hearing stories of grandpa and WWII and remember the world isn't all that bad and there is much happiness.

    • At 9/28/2006, Anonymous Darren said…

      I know its cliche' but...

      What doesn't kill us outright only serves to make us stronger!

    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger Esther said…

      Oh god, I'm so sorry! It is so violating when something like this happens, besides for the horrible inconvenience. I hope by now you've called all the banks, credit cards companies, etc that you need to.

      And if you haven't already, ask that credit cards/bank cards be expedited. Some places (like Citibank and American Express) give the option and you just need to ask for it, usually at no charge to you.

      Let me know if you're short on cash!

    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger Esther said…

      Oh, and I almost forgot: THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT!

    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger BlackJack said…

      Damn. That sucks.

      I wish I had something better to say than that. Keep your chin up kiddo.

    • At 9/28/2006, Anonymous mikey said…

      Dude. Talk about suck.

      You need a vacation.

    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger Miss Browneyedgirlie said…

      I'm so sorry.

      Everyone else is absolutely right - I'd sound like a broken record repeating it.

      Oh, but one other thing - and I apologize for the dip into mom/teacher speak here - you weren't hurt and that's all that matters.

      Everything else can be (and is on the way to being) replaced.


    • At 9/28/2006, Blogger Meegan said…

      Stop blaming yourself! I'm so sorry for your troubles. Can't wait to see you this weekend. XO

    • At 9/28/2006, Anonymous Amy said…

      My friend just told me..."Hey, you've hit can only go up!!!"

      Yeah, I told her to fuck off :)

    • At 9/29/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Things will get better. It seems very difficult now, but you will overcome it.


    • At 9/29/2006, Blogger FINY said…

      You guys are awesome, seriously, thank you so much for all the comments. Things are getting closer to being wrapped up. Big internet hugs to all of you.

    • At 9/29/2006, Blogger The Omnipotent Q said…

      Keep your chin up, FINY. We're all here for you.

      Let out your frustrations at Professor Thom's tonight. We're all getting together there tonight to say goodbye to the Red Sox 2006 season.

      Nothing like alcohol and a bunch of Sox fans to put a smile back on your face...

    • At 9/29/2006, Blogger FINY said…

      Yeah I would really love to stop by tonight but there are two things keeping me from doing so: Until I get my new ATM card I am on a seriously limited budget and I am so completely physically and emotionally drained that I've been dreaming about bed since the MINUTE I got up this morning.

    • At 9/29/2006, Blogger MattySox said…

      Unfortunately, there's no Third Eye Blind song about stolen purses, but not to worry...things will get better, or at the very least, you'll get a new purse, and that should make you happy, right? (insert insensitive male trying unsuccessfully to be sensitive nervous

    • At 9/29/2006, Blogger Chief Slacker said…

      Super Big hugs to ya. I feel for you after having to deal with that whole cra break in incident.

      I second Q's idea but with a twist. Distract yourself with soem baseball. Become a temporary Twins fan and cheer em on! Not all Twins are evil, these are good ones!


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