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    Thursday, September 07, 2006
    God DAMN It!
    Every time. Every FUCKING time I get comfortable. Every time I think this might be ok, that hey, they've all been small, there haven't been that many, maybe they're going away. As I'm climbing into bed just now there's a fucking cockroach. On my nightstand. Next to my cup of water.

    There's no fucking food in here that's not in cans. I've cleaned everywhere. Why WHY ARE THEY TORTURING ME?! And how the FUCK am I supposed to sleep with this morning still fresh in my mind and the one I just killed only recently flushed down the toilet?

    Sorry guys, you may have to hear about this here and there. I have my good moments with it. I have my bad.

    I'm still kind of waiting for the good. The hey-I-haven't-thought-about-cockroaches-in-like-twenty-minutes. Cause so far, every moment in this apartment, they're all I am fucking thinking about.

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    posted by FINY @ Thursday, September 07, 2006  
    • At 9/08/2006, Blogger Pretty Polly said…

      We had a nasty roach problem and had, similarly, no food in the apartment. The really cool pest guy told us we had to kill their water supply--they don't really need food, they can eat each other (which is why roaches populate bathrooms as well as kitchens). Anyway, his solution was to pour a capful of lanolin or bleach down each drain every night, which makes the water there undrinkable for them, and then they die. Worth a shot, anyway. It totally worked for us....

    • At 9/08/2006, Blogger Itchy said…

      I am sooo sorry you are going thru this in the apartment you were soooo excited about.

    • At 9/08/2006, Anonymous Finy's Mom said…

      My Little one;

      Please hang in there, reinforcements are on the way. We are coming armed with: Caulking Guns; tons of caulk and steel wool; plus gallons of Odorless Green Light Spray Gel-Roach, Ant & Spider Control (also kills scorpians!). We will make sure those buggers are eliminated before we leave, I promise!

      Love you!

    • At 9/08/2006, Blogger FINY said…

      Polly: Thanks for the tip, I'm ready to try ANYTHING.

      Itchy: I know, it's so sad. But it's still cool to be able to shower with the door open, make whatever kind of noise I wish, and not worry about anyone else giving a shit!

      Mom: So the plan for the weekend is Sox v. Yankees game, roach war, and the walk? Damn, we're gonna be busy! I love you!!!

    • At 9/08/2006, Blogger Jamie said…

      I hope you kick their little insect assess!!! At least the winter is coming and I feel like they are warm weather pests so heres hoping!!! You finally live alone and now you have more unexpected guests than ever...

    • At 9/08/2006, Blogger kate.d. said…

      i'm so sorry they are still dogging you, finy! that is awful. and just so you know, feel free to rant and rave about it here everyday, because we won't mind reading it.

      hell, if i was in your shoes, i'd be doing the same thing.

      i hope your family's visit with reinforcements does the trick this weekend!! good luck!

    • At 9/27/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      Sorry for commenting late, but did you try Boric Acid. I used to have a similar situation and it did help a bit. I hope your situation worked out.

      - Elisabeth

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