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    Sunday, August 27, 2006
    Excuses, Excuses
    Reasons I haven't been blogging lately:
    1. I'm moving in less than a week. My apartment is now a maze of boxes.
    2. There is no way to even describe how I feel about the Red Sox play of late.
    3. Due to the upcoming move I have been notified that I must paint the entire apartment back to it's original color upon my leaving. 3 years in one apartment - yeah, every room was painted some other color than the original white. I don't think I'm ever getting the primer out from under my fingernails, and who wants to get paint on their keyboard?
    4. I was gone last weekend at the Little League World Series.
    5. Things last week with the Twin were ... a little interesting. Just your kind of typical bump in the road stuff I guess, every relationship goes through them. But for a few days I was genuinely scared. Things seem to be on the up and up, we've got our shit to work on, but who doesn't?
    6. Have I mentioned I'm moving in less than a week?
    So yeah, sorry I haven't been around more. And sorry I can't promise that I will be for the next week or so. It's been stressful, and chaotic, and has involved more than a few emotional outbursts over the last couple days. But I'll be back soon. Promise.


    posted by FINY @ Sunday, August 27, 2006  
    • At 8/28/2006, Blogger Esther said…

      You've been missed, though I've been slacking off a lot too.

    • At 8/28/2006, Blogger Miss Browneyedgirlie said…

      Hope the moving goes smoothly - painting, packing, and all.

      Just think of how great it'll be to relax in your own place when all is said and done :)

    • At 8/28/2006, Anonymous edmund dantes said…

      Hey Good luck with the moving. Don't worry about the blog readers. I'm sure I can find something to take up my free time. Maybe I should take up a new hobby like explosives or something. (Oops. I'll probably get a call from certain alphabetical agencies now).

      Seriously I hope everything goes well with the move. Let me know if you need any help once you get moved in. Sorry I can't help, but the rooters outing is that same time. You need to plan better. ;-)

    • At 8/28/2006, Anonymous Ellie said…

      Goodluck with the move Finy! Are you staying in Bklyn? I've been living in Cobble Hill for three years and love it, although I will be moving to Canada by year's old and will have to repaint as well.

    • At 8/29/2006, Blogger kate.d. said…

      finy! ok, so i was really just starting to write you an email titled "concerned drunken email" (i've had 4.5 glasses of wine, hence the drunken part), and i thought, hmmm i should check her blog again just in case. and you had posted! hurray, that means you don't have to read silly drunken emails from me asking if everything is all right :)

      i hope the move goes well! we'll be in your shoes in less than a month - i loathe primer. ugh.

    • At 8/29/2006, Blogger FINY said…

      esther: I'm sorry too that we haven't been able to get coffee lately. Things are just a mess!

      girlie: I am SO looking forward to Sunday. I hate packing but I LOVE unpacking and setting stuff up!!!

      Ed: Thanks for the offer sweetie, I'll be sure to let you know. And who could fault you for choosing a Sox game over helping me move?!

      Ellie: I AM staying in Brooklyn. To be honest, I can't see myself leaving our fair boro anytime soon, I love it so much. I am really just moving to another part of Park Slope, but now I'll be a few blocks away from the Brooklyn Museum and Botanical Gardens - right across the street from the park. Woohoo!

      Kate.d Damn, you know, I am kind of sad I missed a drunken email, that would have been fun!!! ;)

    • At 11/25/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

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