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    Tuesday, December 20, 2005
    That’s how I feel right now. Completely incoherent. There is SO much rattling around in my head (a head that is completely frozen by the way). I’m just going to bullet point my random thoughts cause that’s all I can get out right now.

    * This picture (from MSNBC) is of the subway stop I get on to go to work every morning. The one four blocks from my apartment. The one I had to walk straight past today.

    * The walk itself was actually quite interesting. I map quested it before I left, and it estimated that it was approximately four and a half miles. I found a half used disposable camera in my dresser and used the rest of it up on the way. Photos included my subway stop with barricades on the stairs, a city bus that the NYPD had taken over to transport officers that had a ghetto NYPD sign duct taped to the side, an uphill shot of the people walking over the Manhattan Bridge with me, a couple of photos of the NYC skyline from the bridge, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, a few more closed subway stops, some army vehicles that were blocking off Madison Avenue, etc.

    * Some interesting things about the walk: not many people walking over the Manhattan Bridge. MANY people walking over the Brooklyn. The streets are eerily quiet. Without the rattle of the subways under your feet and the roar of the bus engines, just having the cars around was weird. And I think a LOT of people stayed home because there weren’t as many people on the streets as I thought there would be. I did see one subway running over the Manhattan Bridge. I had read in the Times that there would be 5,000 workers still operating trains over the rails just to keep the system safe for whenever the strike ends. So at least the Union was thinking ahead in that respect.

    * I’ve been reading over at the Unions blog (which allows comments by the way … some VERY interesting reading over there) and am finding it very hard to choose whether I am supportive of the Union or the MTA. Because actually, I want to kick both of their asses. I have no doubt that the MTA isn’t operated well and that they’ve probably tried to screw their workers both in the past and with these negotiations. However, I know no one who makes the kind of money that they do and gets the kinds of raises that they do, for doing a job that, in most cases, doesn’t even require a BA. I know they do a tough job, I am sure the conditions aren’t great, but THAT’S WHY THEY HAVE THE BENEFITS THEY DO! They already get more $$ and better benefits than most workers, and now they want more. Seriously, if they get what they’re asking for it’s enough to make a girl consider taking the test to be a train operator.

    * This was/is interesting for a day. I’m going to have stories to tell my kids and whatnot. But past that? It’s cold, people. Really really cold. And I am one of the lucky ones. My walk only took 2 hours. Millions of other people are not so lucky. Millions of others can’t get to their jobs. Millions of people are going to lose pay, possibly their jobs depending on how long this goes on. Yes, the Union workers are getting fined every day, but it’s New Yorkers in general who are getting screwed here. Union workers had a vote to authorize this strike (or should I say, to authorize the union to call a strike if they needed to). The MTA had a choice at the negotiating table. The rest of us? We had nothing to do with this. And we’re the ones stuck footing the bill. Because remember we’re the ones who pay these people. And when the MTA can’t afford what the workers are requiring with this strike, fares will inevitably rise.

    So yeah, I’m bitter. And incoherent. And cold.

    Please God someone stop this damn thing.


    posted by FINY @ Tuesday, December 20, 2005  
    • At 12/20/2005, Blogger Ari said…

      I totally hear you, I just don't get it either, what is happening is making very little sense, and the only thing that is screwed is the dollars and cents of this hole thing. I am not a supporter of unions as for those of us who work in corp america there is no one watching our backs, etc.

    • At 12/20/2005, Blogger lizy said…


      what assholes.

    • At 12/20/2005, Anonymous Darren said…

      Well said...end the nightmare now!!

    • At 12/20/2005, Blogger Actorserf said…

      Er...did it maybe used to allow comments and they turned them off? Cause I don't see any comments at all on that blog...wouldn't surprise me if they turned them off, I'm sure there's quite a few people who have a few comments they'd looove to make.

      And yes, it is the people who struggle to get by who are most affected and hurt by this, as it always goes in crises.

    • At 12/20/2005, Anonymous Ellie said…

      I echo your sentiments exactly. I live in Cobble Hill and work in a hospital in Bushwick and do some consulting in Harlem. Shelling out 40/day is going to get old quick.

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