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    Saturday, January 27, 2007
    Fenway Here I Come!!!
    Tickets for the 2007 Red Sox season went onsale today. After 4 hours and about 25 open windows, I scored myself 2 tickets to a game against the Angels in August and 2 tickets to a game against the Orioles in September.

    Add that to the 4 games The Welshman and I are planning on attending down in Baltimore, and hopefully at least one game at Yankee Stadium (if I can get them when they do on sale on Wednesday) and I'm looking at at least 6 or 7 Sox games this year. Almost all of which lands in August and September.

    I'm giddy right now just THINKING about baseball. Countdown to pitchers and catchers, T-minus 20 days.


    posted by FINY @ Saturday, January 27, 2007  
    • At 1/27/2007, Blogger Kaylee said…

      I am going to the ones when the red sox come here and play the diamondbacks in June.I live in Arizona so.=)I better stop typing now my broken hand and nose are killing me=(

    • At 1/28/2007, Blogger Jack Roy said…

      Mmmm-hm! It didn't take me quite 4 hours to get tickets way, way, way back in the bleachers for the Trotter's first game back at Fenway, but I was watching that window refresh an awful lot.

      19 days....

    • At 1/28/2007, Blogger FINY said…

      Kaylee, take care of yourself!

      Jack Roy, you're going to Trotter's return?!?! SO JEALOUS!!!!!

      I actually just also found out that I am going to the preseason game in Philly, so the number of games are ever increasing and it's only January.

      Yeah I'm doing a little happy dance.

    • At 1/28/2007, Blogger Kaylee said…

      Thanks I am trying to I did it in PE class playing none other than the lovely game of baeball:)

    • At 1/29/2007, Blogger Matty said…

      Finy- which day are you gonna be in Philly- Saturday or Sunday? I'm driving up from DC for the Sunday game, I think. Also, when will you be in B-more? I'm always good for a couple games up there...beers at Oliver's in Balty will definitely be in order...

    • At 1/29/2007, Blogger FINY said…

      Matty, I'll be in Philly for the Saturday game. I didn't think there WAS a Sunday preseason game ...

      As for Baltimore, I'll be down there for the Saturday and Sunday games of both weekend series. If you get to BMore, fantastic we can hang out. But The Welshman and I actually stay with a friend in DC when we go to those games, so we could hang out in DC too!

    • At 1/30/2007, Blogger Matty said…

      Sweet...we'll definitely make plans to go out...I'll lock up the wife and kids...

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