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    Wednesday, January 03, 2007
    Cheer Cheer For Old Notre Dame
    Wake up those echos, it's time for ND vs. LSU in the Sugar Bowl.

    I've got one question before the game starts ... as I am watching the pre-game, I have to wonder, am I going to look like a heartless human being rooting against LSU tonight? I mean, the game is IN New Orleans, every human-interest story is about Katrina, is it completely terrible that I am still hoping that the Irish beat the living hell out of them?

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    posted by FINY @ Wednesday, January 03, 2007  
    • At 1/03/2007, Blogger Ari said…

      Ummm, No its not a bad thing to root against LSU. I mean new orleans has gotten nothing but good press and I k now people have had a hard time, but its football. Hey the saints kicked my giants in the skull last week so that town needs a good sports kick in the teeth, anyhow I am rooting against old notre dame, i am sick of charlie weiss and brady quinn, but you have every right to root against LSU!!!

      In addition I am heading to rhode (hopefully) this weekend and wil lpass th ebug.

    • At 1/03/2007, Blogger MattySox said…

      You're not heartless for rooting against LSU, but maybe soulless for rooting for Notre Dame...wink wink...being a Boston College fan all my life has engendered a deep and abiding hatred for all things golden me, it's like rooting for the Yankees. But that's just me...

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger FINY said…

      Hey, my Uncle's been a professor at ND for almost three decades, I grew up on this stuff! Can't help it.

      Now, who wants to give this girl a hug cause that second half HURT.

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger kate.d. said…

      sorry finy, i love ya, but you know i'm with mattysox on this one :) i didn't watch the game, but as a bc alum i can't complain about the outcome!

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger MattySox said…

      Rock on Kate D...

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger The Omnipotent Q said…

      This comment has been removed by the author.

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger The Omnipotent Q said…

      God, was it painful to watch the Sugar Bowl last night. It certainly wasn't heartless of you, FINY, to root against LSU. They play their home games in Baton Rouge, and not New Orleans. I know my Cajun friends down there will make it all the way back from Katrina. I even hope the Saints make it to the Super Bowl. But I could never root against ND, no matter who they play against.

    • At 1/04/2007, Blogger Michael Leggett said…

      Ditto! You did the right thing, FiNY & feel NO GUILT about it:

      Party On!


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